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What Will You Get:

  • Important Topics of Constitutional Law
  • Landmark Judgments
  • Detailed Case Analysis (2023)
  • Videos of Important Judgments
  • Monthly Legal Updates
  • Access to 10 Mocks Test
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Course on CLAT PG 24 (Power Prep)

Feeling the pressure of CLAT PG breathing down your neck? No worries, we've got your back with the ultimate solution! Say goodbye to those pre-exam jitters and welcome the confidence you need to conquer the CLAT PG. Our meticulously crafted course is tailored to meet all your needs, incorporating all the important ingredients for success. With this potent combination, you'll be armed to the teeth with all the vital ingredients to crack that exam!

 10 Modules  Certificate  Assessment
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What Will You Get:

  • Important Topics of Constitutional Law
  • Landmark Judgments
  • Detailed Case Analysis (2023)
  • Videos of Important Judgments
  • Monthly Legal Updates
  • Access to 10 Mocks Test

Important Topics of Constitutional Law

Case Analysis with Videos

Monthly Legal Updates

Course Outline

Constitutional Law and Judgments are the most crucial part of the CLAT PG Entrance Examination. That's what we've taken care of, so you can focus on mastering Constitutional Law with ease. Say goodbye to the anxiety of judgment-oriented questions! Our course offers in-depth case analysis, accompanied by engaging videos, ensuring you grasp every concept effortlessly. But wait, there's more! We've compiled all the landmark judgments for you, and to top it off, you'll have 10 full-length mocks to assess your readiness for the big day. No need to sacrifice all your time. Our interactive and intuitive approach ensures you learn more in less time. 

This course will give you:

  • Video and Text Support
  • Detailed Understanding of Important Concepts only of Constitutional Law
  • Smart Visualization of Concepts
  • Landmark and Recent Case Studies
  • Relevant and Up-to-date Information


  • The Course is in an Update Mode & the mocks will be accessible from July & live sessions will be taken from September 2023. 
  • The Course is targeted to tackle the Constitution Law subject only.

Why this Course?

This Course is a quick but detailed guide for your preparations. If you want to prepare for CLAT PG but it all looks overwhelming to you, this course will be your safe place because we have a plan for you:

  • In-depth understanding of Constitutional law helps your preparation, as many questions come from this subject.
  • Case Analysis and judgments with videos provide familiarity with the exam pattern and give you a competitive edge.
  • Monthly legal updates keep you informed on major legal events.
  • Mock tests help track your progress and identify areas for improvement.

Other Features of the Course:

  • Comprehension-Based Mock Test Series- 10 Mock Tests updated in accordance with the latest pattern.
  • Mock Tests are timer-based to provide an exam-like experience. 
  • Passages comply with all levels of difficulties, such as easy, moderate and difficult.
  • Mock Passages are based on landmark and recent cases and new legal developments based on every subject.
  • The course is accessible 24x7 via Smart Phones or Laptop or Desktops.
  • The course includes past year question papers for CLAT PG (2015-2023).
  • Past year papers consist of more than 400 questions.

Course Syllabus

  1. Exam Pattern CLAT PG 2024
  2. Tips and Tricks to Crack CLAT PG
  3. Notification from the Consortium
  1. CLAT PG 2023
  2. CLAT PG 2022
  1. Constitution Matters
  2. Criminal Matters
  3. Corporate & Insolvency Matters
  4. Reservation Cases
  5. Women Rights
  6. Political Matters
  7. Other Important Cases
  1. Constitution matters
  2. Criminal Matters
  3. Family Law Matters
  4. Environment Matters
  5. Corporate Matters
  6. Civil Matters
  7. Arbitration Matters
  8. Other Important Cases
  1. Constitutional Law
  1. Live Session Notification
  2. Live Session Recordings
  1. Monthly Legal Updates 2023
  1. Basic and Salient Features of Indian Constitution
  2. Citizenship under the Indian Constitution
  3. Doctrine of Basic Structure
  4. Fundamental Rights
  5. DPSP & Fundamental Duties
  6. Supreme Court
  7. High Court- Jurisdiction & Powers
  8. Powers and Functions of the President and the Governor
  1. Monsoon Session- 2023
  2. Government of NCT Delhi Bill, 2023
  3. Petitions under the Constitution
  4. Legislative Procedure in Parliament for Passing a Bill
  5. Distribution of Legislative power between Centre and State
  6. Emergency Provisions
  7. Doctrines under the Indian Constitution
  8. Important Amendments
  9. Parliament
  10. Uniform Civil Code
  11. Election Laws in India
  1. Free Tests

Who should take this course?

Students appearing for the CLAT PG Entrance Exam and wanting to prepare only for Constitutional Law can take this course.