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What Will You Get:

  • 5 Major modules covering entire scope and areas of family law
  • Video Lectures
  • Case Laws
  • Flow Charts and Diagrams
  • Assessment Tests
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Course on Family Law

This Course is a perfect guide that covers the broad areas of family law in India. It covers all the important concepts and practical scope of personal laws and secular laws. The Course is divided into five major modules that outline the crucial chapters through which we have tried to deliver a better understanding of the wide areas of family law

 10 Modules  Certificate  Assessment
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What Will You Get:

  • 5 Major modules covering entire scope and areas of family law
  • Video Lectures
  • Case Laws
  • Flow Charts and Diagrams
  • Assessment Tests

Wholesome and Interesting

Graphics and Charts

Includes recent developments and Case laws

Course Outline

The Course is brief yet covers an in-depth knowledge about the areas of family law which include contents of all the religion-based laws and number of acts that are applied by the Courts in governing the family law matters.The interactive structure of the course will make the subject interesting and the course is designed in such a way that it deliberates every detail and concept of family law to its crux. The concepts, definitions and explanations have been simplified to provide a better understanding of the topics covered under the family law. The major objective of providing this course is to give a better outreach of the subject to every student in a systematic manner which will be helpful in competitive exams.

Why this Course?

  • It covers the entire syllabus.
  • Brief yet detailed.
  • Smart description of the concepts.
  • Easy to understand with the help of graphical elucidations.
  • Recent and landmark cases covered.
  • It is a balanced study between theoretical and practical aspects.
  • Assessment to test your knowledge.

Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction to family law
  2. Acts covered under Family law
  1. Practice Areas and Scope of family law
  2. Sources of Hindu law
  3. Sources of Muslim Law
  4. Schools of Hindu Law
  5. Schools of Muslim law
  1. Marriage under Hindu Law (Hindu Marriage Act, 1955)
  2. Marriages under Muslim Law and Child Marriage
  3. Special Marriage Act, 1954
  4. The Personal Law (Amendment) Act, 2019
  1. Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956
  2. Adoption under Muslim Law
  3. Guardianship under Hindu and Muslim law
  4. Matrimonial Remedies
  1. Penal Laws
  1. Concept of Waqf
  2. Concept and Consequences of Polygamy
  1. Concept of Family Property
  2. Laws on Succession
  3. Concept of Pre-emption or Shufaa
  1. Talaq under Muslim Law: Provisions & Types
  2. Divorce under Hindu Law
  1. Court system in India & Family Court Act
  2. Uniform Civil Code: Need of the hour
  1. Recent Important Case Laws
  2. Daughter's Right to Property Case
  3. Assessment Answers

Who should take this course?

The Course has been designed for law students who want to understand the wide scope of family law and for those who want to seek their career in family law litigation. You could even be a law professional. The course would also be beneficial for you if you are preparing for competitive exams.