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What Will You Get:

  • Smart notes
  • Basics, Essentials & Everything Important
  • Tables
  • Flow Charts
  • MCQs
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International Law

A smart guide to International Law, designed specially for competititve exams.

 16 Modules  Certificate  Assessment
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What Will You Get:

  • Smart notes
  • Basics, Essentials & Everything Important
  • Tables
  • Flow Charts
  • MCQs

Brief & Accurate

Wholesome & Interesting

Graphs & Charts

Course Outline

This course covers a brief yet complete study in the area of International Law. The list of essential topics covered are near exhaustive, and the interactive structure will hook a reader until the very end. There are Simplified Concepts & Definitions and Graphical Elucidations to aid better learning. The objective of this course is education along with the retention of knowledge, that is specially helpful in competitive exams.

Why this Course?

  • Covers the Entire Syllabus.
  • Accurate & Smart Visualisation of the Concepts.
  • Saves Time.
  • Enhances the Value of Preparations.
  • Assessment to Test Your Knowledge.

Course Syllabus

  1. Why opt for a career in international law
  2. What is International Law
  3. Historical Development
  4. Subjects of International Law
  5. Assessment Answer
  1. Sources
  2. Assessment Answer
  1. 6 organs of United Nations
  2. Assessment Answers
  1. International law vs Municipal law
  2. Comparative Analysis
  3. Assessment Answers
  1. Introduction to Treaties
  2. Basis of Treaties
  3. Assessment Answers
  1. International Organizations
  2. UN Refugee Convention
  1. Theories, Mode, Consequences & Doctrines
  2. Case Briefs
  3. State Succession
  1. International Human Rights Law
  2. United Nations Human Rights Instruments
  3. International Organizations
  4. National & State Human Rights Commission
  5. Economic, social and cultural rights in international law
  1. Dispute Settlement
  2. Compulsive means of Settling International Disputes
  1. Law of Sea
  2. Air Law
  3. Law of the Space
  1. Law of War
  1. Cases
  1. Answers
  1. Extradition
  2. Asylum
  3. Consequence of No-Extradition of Political Crimes
  1. Meaning and Types
  2. Theories of State Succession
  1. Assessment

Who should take this course?

The Course has been handcrafted for those who want to learn the intricacies of International Law. You could be a student or a professional. The Course would be specifically helpful for you if you're planning to appear for competitive exams.