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What Will You Get:

  • 75+Interactive Video lectures based on New Pattern
  • Text Support
  • Language- English
  • Weekly Live Sessions
  • Recent Legal and Current updates
  • FREE 10+ Full Length Exam-like Mock Tests
  • Past Year Papers of CLAT UG and AILET UG
  • Tips, Tricks and Strategies
  • No Hard Copy
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CLAT UG 2024

Becoming a lawyer is a matter of professional pride, but the road to become one is not so easy. Students, who are fresh out of schools needs clear guidance in order to understand the future prospects of the career they are choosing, and if you’ve chosen CLAT, Finology Legal is your perfect mentor! Did you know that around 75,000 students registered for CLAT 2023 for over 3000 seats in India's National Law Universities ! This course curated by experts is waiting for you to tap the endless opportunities of this diverse field.

 14 Modules  Certificate  Assessment
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What Will You Get:

  • 75+Interactive Video lectures based on New Pattern
  • Text Support
  • Language- English
  • Weekly Live Sessions
  • Recent Legal and Current updates
  • FREE 10+ Full Length Exam-like Mock Tests
  • Past Year Papers of CLAT UG and AILET UG
  • Tips, Tricks and Strategies
  • No Hard Copy

Taught by Subject Experts

Ease of Access

Interactive Videos

Course Outline

CLAT preparation demands polishing your English, brushing up Maths concept, learning to deal with analytical Reasoning, dealing with Comprehension-based paragraphs alongwith being well updated with the Recent events. All within a span of just few months! Conscising all the subjects from various source is a BIG PROBLEM!

No matter how much you prepare, there is still an extra mile that you should run. Here, the fastest route to victory is 

  • Strategy (Plan), with
  • Tactics (Implementation) 

By buying this Course, you hire us to tell you ‘What to do and What not to’.

The course syllabus covers all the important topics for CLAT LLB preparation in an easy-to-understand manner. It covers all the important topics interactively and comprehensively, so that one can learn more while spending lesser time. Besides the exam syllabus, this course strategically covers the other requirements for cracking this exam and helps you gain a competitive edge over others.

Note- The Course is in an Update Mode & the mocks will be accessible from June & live sessions will be taken from March 2023.

Why this Course?

Finology Legal truly understands this competition and is very thorough with the exam-pattern. So in order to beat the competition, a comprehensive online course has been designed for your preparation. Be assured that we have taken due care of all the aspects that will help you prepare according to the new pattern of CLAT. There are expert faculties for the subjects who will ensure that you get a full proof practice before the exam as well as a detailed assessment of your preparation and the feedback will further improve your skills to crack CLAT 2024.

Recently, the examination pattern for CLAT-UG has undergone major changes. With the introduction of new pattern, the questions are based entirely on the passages that will test your ability to read and understand the language as well as ability of student’s comprehension. The new pattern is dynamic based on subject and conceptual clarity that are application based, which has removed the scope of rote learning 

This Comprehensive Course offers you-

  • Simplified Learning
  • Video Lectures based on New Pattern
  • Coverage of all Important Topics
  • Thorough Explanation of Concepts by Expert Faculties
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions for Each Subject
  • Keys to Improve your Comprehension Skill
  • Coverage of Recent Updates and Burning Issues
  • Worksheets for Each Subject
  • Detailed Assessments on Each Subject

Course Syllabus

  1. Introducing Your Course Instructor
  2. Strategy and Time Management
  3. Decoding the Details
  4. Lessons to Learn from CLAT 2023 Paper
  5. Exam Overview
  6. Reference Material
  1. 2023 Legal Reasoning paper analysis
  2. Torts
  3. Criminal Law- 1
  4. Criminal Law- 2
  5. Contract Law
  6. Constitutional Law
  7. Anti- terror Laws
  8. Legal Terms
  9. Legal Maxims
  10. Do It Yourself!
  11. Assessment Answers
  1. 2023 Logical Reasoning analysis
  2. Tips and Tricks to crack Logical Reasoning
  3. AILET: Tips for logical reasoning
  4. Blood Relations
  5. Series and Directions
  6. Ranking
  7. Syllogisms
  8. Analogy
  9. Coding- Decoding
  10. Statement and Conclusion
  11. Statement and Assumption
  12. Statement and Argument
  1. 2023 Quantitative tech paper analysis
  2. Percentage and Average
  3. Profit & Loss AND Square Root & Cube Root
  4. Number System- Part 1 and Part 2
  5. Time, Speed & Distance AND Time & Work
  6. Indices & Arithmetic Series and Statistics
  7. Simple & Compound Interest and Clocks
  8. Mensuration- Plain & Solid Figures AND Linear & Quadratic Equation
  9. Dice and Cube
  1. 2023 English paper analysis
  2. Introduction
  3. Inference Based Questions
  4. RC Analysis 1
  5. RC Analysis 2
  6. RC Analysis 3
  7. Idioms and Phrases
  8. Sentence Correction
  9. Spotting Error
  1. 2023 Current affairs and GK paper analysis
  2. James Webb Telescope, Sovereign Green Bonds & COP26
  3. INS Vikrant
  4. Infographics on Cheetah-reintroduction, 5G, National Games
  5. Nobel Prize 2022, Diff btw Indian and British system
  6. ISRO's Chandrayaan missions , 50th CJI
  7. Air Quality Index, COP27
  8. ChatGPT, ASEAN
  9. Turkey's earthquake, Oscars 2023
  1. January 2023
  2. February 2023
  1. February 2023
  2. January 2023
  1. International Affairs
  2. Elections in India
  3. Central Armed Police Forces
  4. Security Laws in India
  5. All about Parliament
  6. Indus Valley Civilization
  7. Ramsar Convention
  8. Civilian and Gallantry awards
  1. Census
  2. Basic Indian Geography
  3. Land Reforms
  4. Fundamental Rights
  5. Basic Economics
  6. Revolutions in India
  7. Reservation in India
  8. Elections in India
  9. Border Issues of India
  10. Important International Organisations
  11. CAPF forces in India
  1. National symbols
  2. Ranks in Armed forces
  3. World Currencies
  4. UNESCO- World Heritage Site
  5. Temples and location
  6. Books and Authors
  7. National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries
  8. Ancient History
  9. Modern History
  10. Country and their Capitals
  11. Famous Personalities- Industrialists
  12. Famous Personalities- People
  1. List of Ancient Monuments, FIFA 2022
  1. Mock Test 2024
  2. CLAT UG Past Year Paper (2015-2023)
  3. AILET Past Year Paper (2015-2023)
  1. Live sessions updates

Who should take this course?

Students aiming for CLAT-UG and AILET