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  • Reading Material
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Certificate Course on Trademark Registration

This course covers all the important basics & advanced knowledge about Trademark law practice.

 9 Modules  Certificate  Assessment
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What Will You Get:

  • Video Lectures
  • Reading Material

Technicality Addressed

Relevant Theory covered

Skill Based

Course Outline

Mainly practical aspects of Trademark registration have been discussed in this course. Important international treaties that have been adopted in this law have also been explained thoroughly. Technical aspects (such as usage of have been properly covered in this course. Below is a glimpse of technical details about this course:

1.    Evolution of Trademark

2.    What can be and what can’t be registered

3.    Registration process – step-wise and technical details

4.    What’s an unlawful usage of trademark & remedies

Why this Course?

Trademark Registration is one of the most in-demand domains when it comes to practice of IPR laws. Trademark registration is a necessity for businesses and brands. This certification course covers the aspects of trademark law in a very easy-to-understand way.

Course Syllabus

  1. IPR in India
  2. Evolution of Trademarks
  3. Kinds of Trademarks
  1. Evolution of International System
  1. Reasons for Refusal
  2. Absolute Grounds for Refusal
  3. Relative Grounds for Refusal
  1. Law in India
  2. Law in the US
  1. What amounts to infringement?
  2. Grounds of Infringement of Trademark
  3. Defenses
  1. Registration Procedure
  1. Doctrine of Passing Off
  2. Elements of Passing Off
  1. Recent Issues
  2. Important Case Laws
  1. Introduction
  2. Registration of Well-Known Trademarks

Who should take this course?

1.    Law students

2.    CA & CS students

3.    Law professionals

4.    Entrepreneurs etc